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OMG I Fucked My Daughters BFF 4

As if she could read his thoughts, she expertly unzipped his fly and started to feel his cock, which instantly sprang out of his pants. Betsy adored men who went commando, and her excitement escalated.

       The heat of their passion built up as they pleasured each other with their hands, and devoured each other with their lips until their desire reached a flashpoint.

       Betsy pulled away first and looked deep into his eyes, and then said in a voice laden with desire. “I’ll suck you later darling, but right now have my pussy, my ass but for God’s sake just take me now and fuck me as hard as you possibly can, don’t hold back!!”

       They were both stark naked in a jiffy. She got down on all fours like a bitch on heat.
Reeled In by Don Abdul.