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MrAnal – Cassandra Nix She Loves Big Dicks In Her Butt

Lynda’s first act of infidelity occurred right under the nose of her jealous grumpy old man. It was at a party, and as she had done many times before, she sneaked out for a quiet cigarette. To her amazement someone else had the same idea.

       When he got closer she realized it was the same good looking Italian man who had winked and flirted with her using only his sexy dark eyes all evening. She had also admired him earlier on at the party too, so as they stood there dragging on their cigarettes, Lynda started a conversation.

       He looked anxiously over his shoulder towards the party, he seemed anxious and eager to get back to his wife, but she wanted him to stay. She had teased with her eyes earlier and she was feeling so horny at that point she didn’t want to end up with his business card and phone number. No, she wanted him right there and then.

       Teasing him with her sexy stocking tops, she made it clear that she wasn't wearing any panties. She placed her three inch heel up on a railing and her sexy silken stocking clad thigh slipped through the long split in her evening dress. She swept the dress a little higher and gave him a glimpse of her bare pubis.