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MomPOV – E193 – Ruby

Mitch’s hands finally found the soft underside curve of her breasts, and he groaned into her mouth even as she moaned into his. His hands rubbed and kneaded her soft firm breasts he had planned on waiting a little while before he got too carried away but her soft lips, melting body and kittenish moans were sending him over the edge.

       He began to tug at her shirt so he could feel that silky skin under his fingers. Sliding his hands around to her back and up to the bra clasp he jerked it free and slid his hands under it and around to her luscious breasts. The skin was soft as silk and her nipples where already hard and ready for his attention. Her sweet soft gasps and moans as he squeezed and gently tugged on her breasts was more arousing to him than anything she had ever said to him online.

       Mitch pushed Amber back till the bed hit her knees and he laid her back on the bed while he covered her soft form with his hard one. His erection pushed into her hip as he slid his mouth down her neck and finally sliding her shirt off her so he could see her lush breasts.
Holiday Hotel by Maggie Abrams.