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GirlsOutWest – Janice Dance

Time froze for a moment as Sophie's eyes were glued to his cock, his eyes widened both in shock and in the sudden realization that her blouse was now completely open and her breasts on display.

       The sights and sounds of the world once again intruded upon them in the form of Sophie's loud gasp as she felt her core melting in the heat of her rising hunger for his growing cock. Tom stifled a groan as he longed to touch and caress her gorgeous breast again. He hungered for a taste of her rock hard nipples in his mouth and damn him; he was simply dying to fuck her and thus fulfill his long held deeply secret fantasy.

       They both swallowed their stiff drink in one gulp and then fell into each others arms. They kissed each other tenderly and let their hands roam freely about each others body. Sophie's blouse soon found its way to the floor and was followed by her short skirt too.
Taboo Sex Run Wild by Don Abdul.