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Danni – Allie James and Nina Elle Naughty Pictures

The strange man’s hand reached into his sharp, pleated slacks, and when it came back out, it brought with it his penis, his long, thick, erect penis. Her eyes got wide. Of course. That was what was in her mouth. It was cum. She had just finished blowing another man, and he left his cum behind in her mouth.

       She looked up at the man with the hard face again. Was he her husband? Did he want her to blow him, too? She looked at his penis again. It was a nice looking cock, long and thick. It occurred to her, like a distant voice over the PA at the airport, that she would recognize such a nice looking cock if it was her husband’s.

       He said something. She looked up to his face again. His words were slurred and muffled.

       Had he been drinking too much? Or was it her ears that weren’t working so good?

       He put his hand on top of her head. She smiled at him. Whether or not he was instructing her to blow him didn’t matter. She wanted to blow him either way.

       She stuck her tongue out and licked the head. It made her giggle every time she did that. It was like she was a little girl licking an ice cream cone, except that this ice cream was cock flavored.

       He was speaking to her. It was all a muffled drone, as if her hears were filled with water. All of the noise was an indistinct drone. Oh, what the hell did it matter? She closed her mouth over the end of this strange man’s long, thick, nice looking penis, and moved her head back and forth slowly.