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Cosmid – Tara Braxton Taras First Video

She laid her soft feminine hand on his and lifted it up to her breasts. His cock instantly kicked as his heart pounded hard in his chest. The excitement was indeed threatening his sanity.

       The tiny voice of his conscience cautioned against their journey down that sure road to damnation, yet it was soon drowned out by the intensity of his lust.

       He gently caressed her full 34 C breast and circled his finger around her pinkish brown areola before rolling her nipple between his thumb and finger.

       "Ohhhh . . . Mmmmm!" Sophie moaned as she opened herself to the pleasure of his touch; unlike most of the men and women who have had the tactile pleasure of her tits, his was a touch steeping in sensitivity and smoothness of an accomplished boob lover, a connoisseur of breasts.
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