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Cosmid – Courtney Courtney Is Trying On Bras

She got up on her knees, put one hand on my stomach and lifted her leg over me. Her knees were at my waist, on either side. My cock touched her ass. She reached between her legs for my cock and positioned it so the head was touching the opening to her pussy.

       My hands were shaking. I put them on her thighs, mainly because I didn’t know what else to do with them. Carla leaned back, pressing her weight down on my cock. She clenched her teeth, like she was trying to chew through a rope, and pressed herself down harder. Her pussy opened, and the head of my cock slipped inside her.

       She gasped and stopped, holding herself still over me. She let herself down a little further on my cock. I squeezed her thighs. Her pussy was warm and tight, even with that cold grease.

       “Holy shit, Randy. That’s a lot of cock,” she said.

       She worked herself up and down on my cock real slow. The cold grease made a weird squishing sound, which was not the sound I was expecting when I had the chance to fuck the hottest girl in school. It didn’t seem to bother Carla, though. She rocked herself up and down and in a few minutes, she had settled all of her weight on top of me. I was amazed. How did she manage to take all of my cock inside her? Where did she put all of it?
One Act Play Part 1 by Jack Allen.