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Cosmid – Cameron Introducing Cameron

Jeff, who had noticed her wedding ring, wondered where her husband was.

       It was obvious to him that she was a very horny woman desperate to get laid, and he was extremely willing to oblige her, but he wasn’t about to get caught up in the drama of a jealous husband.

       Her eyes trailed his, and she smiled reassuringly at him saying;

       “You have nothing to worry about; I’m here by myself and he is not going to come crashing through the door seeking revenge or any such primitive thing!”

       They both laughed. And soon afterwards she made her move and kissed him softly. “Mmmmm!” she murmured, as his neatly trimmed moustache tickled her nose, just as she melted in the heat of an expert tongue swirling goodness.

       Betsy really let go, and Jeff absolutely adored it. His hands were soon roaming all over her gorgeous body.
Reeled In by Don Abdul.